Search the collection

You can perform a search of the objects that the Holland Open Air Museum has published online in two different ways: using the general search bar or using filters.

General search bar
If you want to search through the online collection, you can enter one or more words here. 
You can truncate a word using the * symbol. A search for the term farm*, for example, will therefore not only return objects that include the word farm, but also those that contain the word farmhouse, farmer or farmer’s wife.
•    Staphorst → all objects whose data contains the word Staphorst are displayed
•    Staphorst chair → all objects whose data contains the words Staphorst and chair are displayed
•    “Arnhem farmhouse” → all objects whose data contains the precise phrase “Arnhem farmhouse” are displayed
The general search bar can be used in combination with the filter options.

Search using the filters
If you want to search within a specific field, you can use the filters. There are seven direct input options, which can be used in combination. You can delete a filter that you are using by clicking on the ‘x’ next to the search term you want to remove. The filter options are as follows:


A search is performed in the title fields of the objects in the collection.
•    woman regional costume
•    farmhouse 

Keywords (object name)
A search is performed in the database to determine whether the term(s) entered is/are linked to the collection as a keyword or object name.
•    regional costume
•    chamber pot
A search is performed in the database for the name of the place where the object was made or used. Please note: in many cases the place where an object was made is not known.

Under material you can search for the materials from which an object is made. It is possible to use general terms, such as wood and stone, but also more specific terms, such as oak or marble.

In the technique field you can enter terms relating to how the object was made. Examples: photography, knitted or stamped.

The date indicates when or in which period an object was made.

Object number
Within the Holland Open Air Museum many different types of object number are used. These numbers must be entered precisely, including punctuation.