Winter in a peat cabin

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Winter in a peat cabin

How cold would it have been inside a peat cabin during the harsh winter of 1890? Try to imagine what it was like. A number of children and adults living in poverty froze to death in their cots and beds inside these basic homes. Among them were rumoured to be two children from Havelte, ‘due to a lack of blankets’. Poor families could not afford to buy these items. People would collect fuel, food, clothes and blankets for the poor in all manner of places. 


At that time there were not yet any social services and people in need were entirely dependent on private benevolence. In many cases, however, this help came too late: in Onstwedde, close to where this peat cabin was located, a mother killed her two children and then herself, having been driven to despair by the cold and hunger. Four days later the reports from Havelte fortunately proved to be inaccurate. Sadly, however, too many people lost their lives during this extremely harsh winter. 


Winter in a peat cabin

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