Visiting with children rij 3

Spel 'Wat zou jij doen?'

Wat zou jij doen?

Vanaf 8 jaar - In dit groepsspel leer je niet alleen de geschiedenis, maar ook elkaar beter kennen. Jullie krijgen lastige keuzen uit de geschiedenis voorgeschoteld: een vluchteling helpen tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog, scholen wel of geen vrij geven voor het Suikerfeest, met je handelsschip naar China of naar Denemarken... Wat zou jij doen? En de rest van de familie? Hoe goed ken je elkaar eigenlijk?




What can you do on a day out with your kids? Why not go on a trail through the museum park and discover the museum in a fun way? Trails for all ages are available. One of these is Deetje’s Day, a trail for 4 to 6 year olds, who will learn about the things that a child in days gone by experienced over the course of a day. During another trail, Unresolved Cases, you will try to solve five crimes from the past – crimes that actually happened – using an app on your smartphone!



At the children’s activity farmyard kids can see how animals live up close. As part of the Smallholders project they learn where milk actually comes from and that you need to look after animals well if you want to eat healthy food. Between 10 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. farmyard activities are organised especially for children. Kids can help the farmer or farmer’s wife to look after the animals.