The school is full

Schooltje van Lhee

The school is full

The former village school from Lhee is an example of school buildings from around 1800. It is said that in wintertime this little school was completely full and the children had to take it in turns to stand so that other children could write. The master would nail planks to the school benches to create additional seats or desk space. As a result, he was unable to turn around when he walked between the benches. It was also much too dark. 


The local council declared the conditions to be highly dangerous and an extremely poor environment for children to learn in. However, the children of Lhee had time to go to school in winter as nothing could be earned from the land at this time of year. 


During the summer, the school was almost empty and only children from wealthy families attended lessons. The other children from Lhee were at work on the land earning money for their families. Consequently, they learned very little during their school years, as a result of which a gap developed in terms of knowledge between rich and poor.


The school is full

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