Word jij de beste postbezorger van het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum? Bezorg de juiste spullen bij de vier Tilburgse huisjes uit het museum.

What would you do

What would you do?

Get to know each other better, while learning about history. Come face to face with difficult choices from the past. This is a game full of devilish dilemmas!



During the First World War the Netherlands was neutral, but Belgium was occupied. Shortages resulted in goods being smuggled across the border. Can you unmask the smugglers?

Hot water & fire shop

Hot water & fire shop

Lambertus has a hot water and fire shop, like those that existed in 1900. He needs help! How much can you earn by selling your wares?



Like the Netherlands, Waterland is below sea level. We don’t want to get wet feet, though! Can you use the museum’s polder mills to keep our land dry?