A ride on the tram

A ride on the tram

A ride on the tram

Why walk when you can take the tram? See the museum park the easy way! Our historic trams will keep you warm and dry as you travel around. The museum has a number of trams to transport visitors around the site. 

These trams undergo daily maintenance in the tram depot. The GETA 76 was even reconstructed here from scratch as a replica. In the depot you can take a closer look at any trams that are not in service during your visit.


Trams at the museum

The GETA 76 tram at the museum is a replica of a tramcar that was originally built in 1929 and gives you an impression of the trams that were an important feature of Arnhem’s cityscape prior to the Second World War.

The two-axle 274 was in service in The Hague until 1963. Between 1996 and 2001 this tram was restored at the museum and fitted out like a 1920s tram.

The four-axle 520, 535 and 536 trams once operated in Rotterdam and have been fitted out in the style of a 1930s tram.

The six-axle articulated 631 tram is the most modern tram that runs at the museum. This was built in 1968 and operated in Rotterdam until 1995. It is a real workhorse that can carry large numbers of passengers. At the museum it is mainly used during busy periods.




A ride on the tram

A ride on the tram
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