Frequently asked questions

We are happy to answer your questions!

Below you will see categories with frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If your question is not answered here, we will gladly help you by e-mail or by telephone at +31 (0)26-3576111.

Personal page

I have registered for the Personal Page, but have not received an e-mail.

It is possible that this confirmation e-mail has gone into your spam folder. Please check your spam or junk folder.

I have a question about my Personal Page.

Please send any questions about your Personal Page by e-mail to or call our Service Point during office hours on +31 (0)26-3576100.


Are gluten-free products available in the museum’s catering outlets?

Yes, gluten-free products are available in various catering outlets. Please ask our waiting staff at the Canon Café, the ‘poffertjes’ stall and De Hanekamp inn for information.

Is my Museum Card valid?

Yes, your Museum Card gives you free access to the Open Air Museum. 
>>  Find out more about the Museum Card and become a friend of the museum (in Dutch).

Is it possible to hire a wheelchair?

Yes, a number of wheelchairs are available for hire from the car park. These work using a coin system. You will need to insert a € 1 coin as a deposit, which you will get back when you return the wheelchair. These wheelchairs cannot be reserved. Find out about all the options and special routes for disabled visitors.

Are lockers available?

Yes, there are lockers available in the Canon Building. 

Can I bring my dog into the museum with me?

Yes, your dog is welcome in the museum park and in most of the historic buildings, provided it is kept on a lead. Dogs are not permitted in the catering outlets or exhibition areas. Please ensure you clean up after your dog.

Other questions

Do you have another question? If so, please send us an e-mail or call the museum’s information desk on +31 (0)26 3576111.

Can I pay by card throughout the museum park?

Card payments are accepted in all catering outlets and shops. You can also withdraw cash at the Zus en Jet shop.


Is the Open Air Museum a fun place for children?

It certainly is! All over the museum children can lend a helping hand, try things out and have a great time climbing and playing. You can find out about all the fun activities available for children here.

Is the museum fun when it’s raining too?

Most certainly! We have around forty historic buildings that you can also enter to see from the inside. The historic tram will transport you, warm and dry, around the extensive park. You can also spend hours under cover looking at the presentation in the Van Gend & Loos goods shed, watching our play in the farmhouse from Beerta and exploring the museum’s repository ‘Spaarstation Dingenliefde’. So there is plenty to do, even if the weather stays wet for a while.

Are events also organised?

Events, performances and demonstrations are organised at the Open Air Museum throughout the year. The current daily programme will be shown on the map that you will receive when you visit. You can take a look at the events we have planned here.

Can I come to the museum with a large group?

The Open Air Museum offers the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. Whether for a meeting, a company outing or a family day trip, more and more groups are discovering that the combination of cultural history, scenic beauty and hospitality provides the ideal setting for corporate and festive events. Take a look at what we have to offer for your business meetings and family outings. The Open Air Museum is also a wonderful place to hold your wedding.

Are there special programmes for schools?

A school trip to the Open Air Museum is a day spent discovering, playing, investigating and trying out new things. Our educational projects and activities are designed to give children experiences and get them involved in hands-on activities. These projects tie in with the core attainment targets defined for primary education and the lower levels of secondary education. All information can be found under the heading ‘school visits’ in the blue bar at the top of the page.

Canon of Dutch history

Can I visit the Canon of Dutch History with a mobility scooter, wheelchair, pushchair or buggy?

Yes, wheelchairs, buggies, rollators, pushchairs and mobility scooters may be taken into the presentation. 

Can coats, bags and food be taken into the Canon of Dutch History presentation?

No, in line with the policy at the vast majority of museums, coats, bags and food are not permitted in the Canon of Dutch History presentation. This is to protect the collection, e.g. due to the need to maintain a certain temperature inside the exhibition, and to prevent any inconvenience for other visitors.

You may, of course, bring in a rucksack or bag if this is necessary due to a medical requirement.

Can pets be taken into the Canon of Dutch History presentation?

Dogs and other pets are not permitted to access the Canon of Dutch History. This is to ensure hygiene and protect the collection, as is the case in all the museum’s exhibition areas. Assistance dogs are, of course, allowed.

When is the Canon of Dutch History open?

The Canon of Dutch History presentation is open at the same times as the museum park, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Where can I see the museum’s collection?

The Open Air Museum’s collection comprises around 152,000 objects, including carts, household textiles, regional costumes and toys. Some of these objects can be seen in the museum park, but the vast majority is kept in our repository.



The museum also has an extensive documentary collection comprising books, magazines, photographs, films and slides. This collection can be seen in the museum’s library.


Digitised collection

We are currently busy preparing a presentation of our collection on this website. By mid-2017 you will be able to view around 20,000 objects here. In the meantime you can look at some of our digitised collection using the following links: Gelderland Collection, Modemuze, Netherlands Digital Collection and Europeana Fashion.

Lost and found

How can I find out about lost property?

Have you lost or found an item? If so, please follow the procedure below:


I have lost an item
Call or e-mail the Open Air Museum’s information desk. 
Telephone: +31 (0)26-3576111 


I have found an item
Items found by visitors within the museum complex can be handed in at the information desk in the Entrance Building.


Further information about lost property
Please read Articles 8.1 to 8.3.

Opening hours

Are the buildings and catering outlets at the museum always open?

No, depending on the weather forecast and the expected number of visitors some buildings and catering outlets may be closed. This will be indicated on the map for the day that you receive on arrival. 

When is the museum open?

The museum is open from 25 March 2017 to 21 January 2018. It is only closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Visitors are offered a constantly changing programme throughout the year. The Open Air Museum’s winter season starts on 9 December 2017. 


Where can I park my car?

The Open Air Museum has its own car park where you can leave your vehicle. You can purchase an exit ticket from the ticket office. If the car park is full, please follow the instructions of our parking attendants. 
If you park elsewhere, e.g. on the verge, you may receive a fine. 

Can I charge my electric car?

Yes, electric cars can be charged at the Holland Open Air Museum. There are two Lolo smart charging points next to the farmhouse in the car park.

Smoking policy

What is the Open Air Museum’s smoking policy?

“The companies affiliated to the Club van Elf (Dutch association of visitor attractions) are introducing a stricter smoking policy with effect from 1 April. From that point on, any permanent, uncovered queuing areas will also be designated as smoke-free zones.


A visitor attraction is a place for everyone to enjoy and visitors who smoke are and will remain welcome. By introducing their new policy, the companies affiliated to the Club van Elf aim to create an even safer and healthier environment, especially for children.”


It is important to ensure that play areas are smoke-free to facilitate safe and healthy play. We therefore support the initiative Everyone wants children to be able to play in a safe and healthy environment. That means providing play areas that are smoke-free, where there is no risk of children being burnt or picking up cigarette stubs and putting them in their mouths or feeding them to animals.

How does the museum enforce its smoking policy?

Our employees will look out for any visitors lighting cigarettes in areas where smoking is prohibited and will make them aware that they are breaching the rules. We will kindly ask visitors only to smoke in locations where this is permitted. 


Our smoking policy applies to all smoking products, including e-cigarettes.

Why is there not a general smoking ban?

As part of the Club van Elf (Dutch association of visitor attractions) the Open Air Museum aims to be a place where everyone can escape the stresses of everyday life – a natural environment in which the whole family feels at home. Some of the 21 million people who visit the Club van Elf attractions every year like to enjoy a cigarette on their day out. As long as other visitors are not inconvenienced, we do not want to stop them from smoking, although we do ask them to show consideration for other visitors. That is something we ask of all our visitors, however.


Nevertheless, there are a number of locations within the museum park where smoking is prohibited, such as the Children’s Activity Farmyard and the playground. These locations are indicated by signs, next to which are bins for disposing of cigarettes that have already been lit.


Can I make donations to the Open Air Museum?

You certainly can. In this way you can help us keep our national cultural heritage alive for future generations to enjoy. You can make a one-off or a periodic financial donation (favourable tax conditions apply to the latter). It is also possible to donate objects.