A place to spend the night

Daklozen in het Openluchtmuseum

A place to spend the night

Pieces of cardboard laid out on the ground as insulation, a warm coat and a sleeping bag – Chahid and Peter use these items to make a place to sleep outside, even on cold winter nights. They prefer to sleep outside than inside in a shelter, where, before you know it, you end up getting into arguments, are exposed to contagious diseases like TB or have to contend with vermin. They also prefer to avoid alcoholics and people with a mental illness. 


What they would like most of all is to have a permanent place to live, in their own home. Homelessness is not something they would wish on anyone.


Over the winter of 2015/2016, there were more than 900 homeless people in Amsterdam alone, 50 of whom were sleeping outside every night. On a quarter of all nights that winter temperatures reached freezing point down to 10 cm above ground level. Faced with such harsh conditions, you will seek out an empty space like this, where you at least benefit from a little bit of shelter.


What a contrast with the way the rest of us live. We have our warm beds and heating and generally enjoy a cheerful and cosy festive season. 


Chahid and Peter helped us put together this presentation, as they want to show the world that the homeless ‘are people too’.


At the Open Air Museum you can also find out the stories of other people for whom homelessness was a reality. Three hundred years ago the first occupant of the farmhouse from Beltrum (1.15) wrote to his landlord to explain that he, his wife and his four children were having to sleep ‘under the stars’. He could no longer afford the rent and asked for permission to build a hut. Over the years this was expanded into a little farmhouse.


A place to spend the night

Homeless in Amsterdam
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