Photo opportunity: winter sports

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Photo opportunity: winter sports

In the 1980s winter sports were affordable and accessible for all.


Prior to and immediately after the Second World War such sports were the preserve of the elite, but as time went by they became democratised. From the end of the 1960s, when car ownership also came within the reach of most ordinary people, winter sports started to become more and more fashionable.


Conjuring up images of sun and snow, they were an attractive leisure activity offering sporting excitement, as well as plenty of fun for the children. 


Initially, winter sports were regarded more as a status symbol, but later developed into something of a craze. Like every fashion, however, they were eventually overtaken by the next big trend. Since 2005 the number of people going on winter sports holidays has therefore been in decline, with warmer, sunnier climes gaining in popularity as destinations for a winter break.


Photo opportunity: winter sports

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