Why walk when you can take the tram? See the museum park the easy way! Our historic trams will keep you warm and dry as you travel around.
Come and see how our ‘village blacksmith’ shapes the metal on the anvil using his heavy hammer.
At the museum brewery we brew fantastic beer. Come and sample our seasonal beer and find out all there is to know about the taste and aroma of beer and the ingredients that go into it.

Steam provided heat for pasteurisation, cleaning, disinfection and heating processes.

In the Moluccan barracks the cases are packed. The people living there are ready to return home at any time.

The years that followed the Second World War saw rapid growth in the number of Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands.

At the shipyard people are hard at work. The boats you can see in the water here were built at this shipyard.

A luxuriantly planted garden full of memories of life in the Dutch East Indies.

The farmer’s wife is cooking seasonal vegetables on a coal-fired stove.

The museum’s trams undergo daily maintenance in the replica of Arnhem’s former tram depot. Take a look inside the inspection pit.
Van Gend & Loos started out 200 years ago as a passenger transport business. The goods shed from Tiel was built in 1881.
In 1871 a family of seven plus their housemaid lived in the blue ‘open homestead’ from Harreveld. In winter flax was processed, spun and woven.
At the ‘Wijdemans & Frère’ photo salon you can have your picture taken in clothing and a setting dating from around 1910: a time when official group photographs were very popular.

Listen to atmospheric winter performances by various choirs. Every weekend and during the Christmas holidays.

This cheerful family presentation tells you all about the festivals that are celebrated in the Netherlands. There are quite a few!

The former village school from Lhee is an example of school buildings from around 1800.

In his horse-driven mill the miller presses oil from linseed. A “virtual horse” demonstrates how the horse once drove this mill.
Immerse yourself in nostalgia. The interiors of the homes from the 1950s and 1970s bring memories flooding back.
Immerse yourself in nostalgia. The interiors of the homes from the 1950s and 1970s bring memories flooding back.
The baker will show you how bread is baked. You will smell the wonderful aroma long before you get there.