Pigs belong to the genus Sus and are known to have lived in East Asia since the Miocene epoch (between 25 and 2 million years ago). There are many different types of wild pig and all domesticated pigs are descended from them.


It is thought that our museum goat is descended from a wild goat species: the Bezoar goat. Goats and sheep were the first ruminants to be domesticated by humans. This was around 10,000 years ago in the region we now know as Iran and Iraq.


Festivals in the Netherlands

This cheerful family presentation tells you all about the festivals that are celebrated in the Netherlands. There are quite a few! Some festivals date back centuries, while others are more recent, having been brought to the Netherlands from other countries by newcomers. All the festivals we celebrate are shown as balloons hanging from the ceiling. They include religious and other festivals that originate from all the religions and cultures present in the Netherlands.