Knitting for soldiers

Breien voor soldaten

Knitting for soldiers

On 31 July 1914 all Dutch soldiers were ordered to travel immediately to their garrisons. There were also soldiers stationed in Zeist. During the first week it already became clear that the soldiers’ equipment was inadequate, as they had only one pair of socks and too little underwear. On 5 August the Women’s Committee therefore issued an appeal to the women and girls of Zeist to knit socks. 


This initiative quickly spread to the rest of the country. With winter on the way, a national committee appealed for people to knit not only socks, but also balaclavas, fingerless gloves, scarves, gloves and stomach warmers for the soldiers. And the call did not fall on deaf ears: by March 1915, 61,000 balaclavas and 50,000 stomach warmers had already been knitted. 


In 2017 Dutch soldiers still provide some of their own equipment, as the Ministry of Defence does not supply them with everything they need.


Knitting for soldiers

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