The health benefits of light

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The health benefits of light

Temperatures are falling and, unfortunately, at this time of year there is less and less daylight for us to enjoy. At the Green Cross health centre building you can find out more about the effect of UV light on your skin and how this ensures that you produce vitamin D and build up your immunity. During the 1950s you could go to Green Cross health centres for sunray treatment, a form of preventive healthcare. The bactericidal effect of the light prevented infections and was used to treat ailments including respiratory infections, skin infections and boils.


Children were able to visit the health centre in groups to go under the sunray lamp, while other people could make an appointment individually and receive half an hour of sunray treatment. Naturally, they would always wear dark glasses, as UV radiation can damage your eyes.


Every year the Green Cross associations would indicate in their annual reports how many hours of sunray treatment they had administered over the past year.


The health benefits of light

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