Vrij als vroeger


Free Time

By the middle of the twentieth century the Dutch were starting to benefit from more and more free time. In 1961 Saturdays were made a compulsory day off, while in 1966 the right to paid holiday was granted to all Dutch people. The work undertaken to rebuild the country in the wake of the Second World War began to bear fruit: wages rose rapidly and car ownership came within the reach of more and more people. ‘Going for a drive’ became a popular weekend activity and articles about ‘roadside picnicking’ appeared in all the papers. This was in stark contrast to the years that came before, when people could not simply ‘laze the day away’ and had to devote what limited free time they had to useful activities approved by the State, the Church or other social organisations. On this page of the website you will find a selection of objects linked to the theme of free time over the years.