Experiences from 2015

This winter lots of children once again learned to knit and obtained their knitting diploma in the atmospheric ‘best room’ at the children’s activity farmyard, lovingly aided by our expert knitters. The children knit squares, which the knitters then diligently combine to form beautiful patchwork blankets. We are particularly proud of these wonderful blankets, as they are genuine products of the museum. The wool comes from our own museum sheep. They are shorn here and the wool is spun and lovingly dyed using plants from our own garden. Children not only knit the blankets themselves, but can also tell us who they would like to receive a blanket.

This winter 445 children told the museum their wish. We were particularly struck by the fact that 42 children wanted to give a blanket to an asylum seeker. We therefore decided to donate one of the blankets to a child living at the asylum seekers’ centre in Heumensoord. The Van Dijk family from Malden will present the blanket to one of the teachers at the centre.