Experiences from 2013

Every winter the sound of knitting needles can be heard in the ‘best room’ at the children’s activity farmyard. The wool comes from the museum’s sheep and is shorn, spun and dyed here. Our expert knitters teach the children how to knit a square. These beautifully coloured squares are then made into blankets.


This winter, for the second time, children could tell us who they wanted to receive a blanket. Three wishes were chosen from the many (over 400!) that were made. One blanket was donated to Dagmar, who is very ill and cannot keep herself warm. This blanket was requested by sisters Anne-Floor and Veerle. The care farm De Stal in Zundert was also presented with a large ‘cuddle blanket’.

The most unusual wish came from Matthanja. She wrote: “A lady in my street lives all on her own. She never gets any visitors or cards. That’s why I think it would be nice to give her a little present.”