Chinese Restaurant "Azië"

Chinees Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant "Azië"

The years that followed the Second World War saw rapid growth in the number of Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands.  These proved to be extremely successful, as chefs adapted the dishes on the menu to suit the Dutch palate.  Customers found this food delicious. 


Restaurant owners therefore made the most of the festive season in the Netherlands, putting up Christmas trees or hanging up Christmas decorations to ensure their Dutch customers felt at home. They announced in advance that they would be open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and could offer a special Chinese Christmas menu. Customers were advised to book their table for Christmas in good time.


Like many other businesses at this time, on New Year’s Eve Chinese restaurants would place an advert in the newspaper wishing their customers a happy and prosperous new year. These made quite an impact, although their Dutch sometimes left a little to be desired. Later, Chinese restaurant owners started offering their customers calendars as a gift at around the turn of the year.


Chinese Restaurant "Azië"

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