Brewery tour with beer tasting

At our Brabant brewery, known as ‘De Roskam', the brewer creates delicious beer in a contemporary way. He will be happy to tell you more about this process and take you on a tour of the brewery. Brewer Patrick Leenders: ‘Our craftsmanship sets us apart and has also helped us land a number of awards. The museum’s autumn bock beer is one of the top 3 beers in the Netherlands. That’s something we are extremely proud of.’ Creating great-tasting beer is the top priority.


However, the place where you enjoy this wonderful beer and who you enjoy it with is also an important part of the overall experience. Beer brings people together. Our brewery is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a beer in good company! If you take part in a tour, you will, of course, also have the chance to do some beer tasting.